Saturday, May 7, 2011

how my understanding of leadership will impact my future

my hope is to one day become an elementary/middle school teacher, and currently I play on the women's basketball team .in both of these occupations before me I will be able to apply my new leadership techniques. 

Being a part of a basketball team, and also in a captain position, different leadership techniques are important. On any athletic team, it is important the leader can be a liason between the coach and the players, as well as knowing the players, their strengths and weaknesses, while being able to communicate effectively between all three. I have experienced teams that do not have effective communication from the captain and coaches which results in frustration and falling short of the goals we are trying to reach. I have taken plenty of technique I have  learned in previous leadership classes. Some people outside of the leadership minor figure 'how hard can it be to a leadership minor?'. What they do not know is the pressure and effort it takes to be a GOOD and EFFECTIVE leader. One can just obtain the leadership title, but it it what they do with the position that reflects their character. 

I will also use what I learned throughout the leadership minor to help make me the best teacher I can be. When working with young children, your leadership technique and communication is extremely important. Children who are young are still impressionable because of their lack of exposure to the outside world. Therefore, my leadership will affect them throughout their journey in life. I don't want to the be teacher remembered for being a poor communicator with the student and also the parents. Certain techniques I will use in my classroom will be the balcony and dance floor perspective. I learned this idea early on in my leadership journey. This is important because f students aren't understand a concept, I need to get on the dance floor with them and understand why they are not comprehending it. However, I also need to remember that I am the teacher and when it comes to consequences or managing the classroom, I need to take a balcony perspective and remember that I am the teacher and leader of the classroom. Leading is an vital part to being a teacher and if the teacher has poor communication skills, the student will drastically be affected in their learning. 

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